Megan Miller Headshot

When I was little, my mom went back to school for her teaching certification, and as part of her teaching requirements, had to learn a foreign language.

I remember watching her, and I got to learn alongside her - suddenly, the world opened up, as what I previously knew as gibberish gained meaning, and became another language. This was my introduction to Spanish. 


Building on my language skills, my International Relations training has taught me  how to connect with others and build relationships, as well as the importance of words and understanding.

I have extensive Spanish experience and knowledge, beginning in 2005 and going to the present. I make it a priority to regularly speak and practice with native speakers, read Spanish news websites, and integrate in a hispanohablante culture as much as possible.

Highlights of this time include a semester studying abroad and providing English tutoring lessons in Madrid, Spain (2010), an internship with the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) in Washington, DC (2011), an English / Spanish tutoring position in the DC region (2013-2015), and a freelance position with BoricuasConnect (2016-2017).