The Power of Calm

Sunrise in Morocco

 By my own admittance, I'm not a naturally calm, "go-with-the-flow" type of person. I like fast rap music and action-packed movies and music, weightlifting and equestrianism. I like to control things and will obsessively worry about what I can't control, and words such as "hellfire" and "gingersnap" are usually thrown around when my redheaded temper goes off the rails. 

Yet, over the past few weeks, I've felt this really weird sense of calm. It seems more weird because of the time of year - December is usually the fastlane between family politics, awkward office Christmas parties, and the constant barrage of post-election news, all seeming to be worst than the day before. It's a stressful time, so why am I calm?

It's a simple answer, really. By beginning to become a freelancer in addition to my full-time job, planning a wedding, and ramping up my networking skills, I've had to wake up early - think between 5:30 and 6:00 AM. I'm not normally a morning person, and hate being up so early, yet there's an eerie natural sense of calm. The sun's not up yet, there are just a few car doors slamming in the neighborhood, and it's MY time - I don't need to feel guilty about separating myself from my fiance and hiding out in the office for a few hours at a time, because he's fast asleep. Some mornings I do yoga, others I'm scouting LinkedIn for networking opportunities, some I journal, and yes, during some mornings, I oversleep and am leaping out the door.  

Not to say that everyone can "OM" their way from everything, but there's something to be said for stopping and focusing on your needs on a regular basis. As an introvert, I do better when I talk (or write) things through, and yoga allows me to be mildly active in the morning, while also meditating. As a result, I feel more at peace with my work, personal, and wedding decisions, and can also adequately plan for the more active next few weeks. Allowing me to know and read myself and my needs during the mornings has also improved my days where it feels like I juggled too much, and have dropped a ball. I'm nicer to myself - words that bring me so much joy to speak. 

Each morning, I pad my way into the office, and set up shop. My "spot" on the couch comes equipped with a few pillows, a soft throw blanket, a few inspirational pictures and quotes (< example), and enough space to do a few yoga poses. 

As a result, I still hate getting up so early, yet also cherish my morning time. It's allowed me so much more time for freedom, inspiration, planning, writing, and a sense of calm.