The Power of Passion Projects

Stress and Passion

Ardor. Dedication. Devotion. Excitement. Fervor.

These are all synonyms for passion. My entrepreneur friends may call this their full-time job, but for those of us who haven’t heard (and answered) the call to strike out on our own, there’s a successful workaround that is proven to inject passion into your life. They are sometimes called side projects, and they can be defined very easily: passion projects are anything that is not in your specific work repertoire or portfolio that brings you joy and injects happiness into your life.

The normal past life of the 9-5’er is very meticulous and can be boring: wake up, get ready for work, sit and yell in traffic, get to work, complete your own to do list and ensure others’ to do lists are completed as well, sit and yell in traffic again, and come home to get ready to do it all over again.

However, we’ve started to buck the system recently. As more people are made aware of the importance of mental health benefits and the importance of joy in their lives, certain steps are taken and decisions are made. Maybe instead of sitting and yelling in traffic, you choose to telework one day per week. Maybe you begin to put your to do list at work and in life ahead of others. Maybe you begin a side project to aid the community, volunteer to be a mentor to a high school student, or begin typing a business plan for the niche market you would love to be in one day – anything that gives you the chance to unwind and follow your desires and wishes should be called a passion project.

Life is generally complicated, wrought with “could haves” and “should haves” Passion projects should have no drama; there should be no power plays or difficult friendships to maintain. They should only add a richness to your life that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Granted, as with anything, there will be good days and bad days; days where you begin to resent your passion project for becoming another item on your to do list. Yet as soon as you begin your passion project, you should feel lost in the moment and rejuvenated at the end - that is how you know you have a passion project.