What others say:

Megan Miller
4 reviews

Yvonne, translation client:

 "She was so efficient and smart! . Thank you Megan"

David, Translation Client:

Quick and competent. She's my translation GO-TO.



Lauren Peterson, former coworker:

The rare mix of personality, confidence, and dedication that Megan displays sets a great example for the rest of the office, which is why she has been so successful in her working relationships. I've mentioned to her before that her charm and great sense of humor brought positivity to the workplace when I worked alongside her at BCS, Incorporated. Not only that, she has proven that she is capable of working cross functionally on a variety of different teams and in a variety of different settings.

Yael Misrahi Judah, project lead: 

Megan is an inspiring and dedicated social activist. Her attention to detail, creativity, and intelligence contributed to the development of a successful summer academic enrichment program on global citizenship for high school students.